Presented at the University of Pittsburgh's Symposium on Critical Race in Space

Had a great time presenting alongside the amazing Dr. Elizabeth Korver-Glenn at the University of Pittsburgh. This session was organized by an amazing scholar, Dr. Junia Howell. The three of us have been in deep discussion about how other urban scholars have been conceptualizing race within urban sociology. During this symposium, I presented my new work on racial capitalism and urban development - a project where I center race at the center of urban processes. This project is beginning with a more conceptual argument revisiting David Harvey's (1978) article where he places the urban process under Marx's notions of material history under twin themes of accumulation and class struggle. I argue that the urban process cannot be divorced from race and that it hinges more appropriately under twin themes of dispossession and displacement. I would love to thank all of the people who worked to put this session together. It was great teasing out these ideas in such a rich space. Looking forward to further developing this paper and working with these amazing scholars.

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